ImmortalCraft -

If you remember this, you're a god damn hero.

I actually use this domain for my personal game servers, so you could join that I guess, but it's inactive.

Also, email me/add me on discord. (no I don't have any of the old world files, I am still *very* upset about that 8 years later.)

Volkor's Game servers

All servers hosted in australia, latency might be bad.... :'(

Game Status IP Address Notes
Minecraft (Latest) UP Latest Version - Creative and Survival World, very light economy stuff for protections
Minecraft (b1.7.3) UP Towny
Minecraft (Modded) DOWN Whatever modpack we feel like playing, will be updated when running.
Factorio UP Up, but maybe with a password? Too lazy to run for whenever next with mods
Terraria DOWN cbf
Starbound UP
Pavlov VR DOWN Haven't played pavlov in like a year
Team Fortress 2 UP Degroot Keep Medieval Mode, instaspawn and such

only now that i typed them all out, have I realised I run a lot of servers. The status of these might not be perfect either. Since it's all manually updated.